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Circle of Life

Series # 1

"When I photograph a subject or place, it becomes my own, I may not know the history or story of the place or person I am photographing but when I see it something in me clicks, I feel some kind of instant connection, as when you know you got the answer you were looking for, then for that moment my emotions are being expressed through what I am photographing for awhile I had this idea about doing a photo shoot about the beginning of life, by expressing it in different ways".

"The Circle of Life" series is an exclusive collection numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

"In "The Circle of Life" 1, I photographed 3 pregnant women in different stage of their pregnancies, they all look so peaceful and happy, in nature, keeping the new life safe in their wombs. While taking the photos there was so much silence around us, just a soft breeze and the rays of the sun shinning on us. Once the shoot was a wrap, each one of them had happy tears in their eyes, and they seemed to have just came back from some sort of different reality".

"I was very happy to take them into that state and I am looking forward meeting the little ones inside the bellies".


Marcela Di Santo




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