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Glimpses of Italy


Marcela Di Santo was born into an Italian family who raised her in Milan, Italy and Miami Beach, Marcela resides in Italy during the spring and summer and in the United States during the fall and winter.


Cafe in Lago di Como

"My favorite Cafe in Como is very cozy and romantic"


Marcela's Grandfather gave her a camera when she was eight years old. This was the start of Marcela's childhood and the time she spent with her grandfather gave her the time and place she needed to learn and begin her artistic journey. Spending the spring and summer with her family in Italy was a profound influence, Marcela decided to bring back a glimpse of her, "Italian Life" and the beautiful country where her family lives. Her most recent collection focuses on the subtleties of the still-life interaction with intriguing surroundings, displaying eloquent images of that lifestyle in solitude.



Marcela has a variety of collections. Most of her recent work includes; black & white film. "Glimpses of Italy", "Nudes & Nature", "People Are", and "Soulful Breaths" which has been her most well received series. Her work is well recognized and can be seen at galleries in Milan, Zurich, Miami and New York.




Cupola, Milano


Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel, Milano


Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel, Milano



"Black and White Photography does more to evoke emotion and freeze a moment in time than any other medium. Over the decades many famous photographers like, Warhol, Steigletz, Weston, and Adams, have helped elevate photography, to a fine art form worthy of exhibitions at galleries and museums worldwide".


"50 percent of the photographs I take are with a Canon SLR or a Leica rangefinder with a 28, 35 or 50 mm lens depending on the subject matter. The other 50 percent of the images I capture are done with a digital camera with 8 and 9 million megapixels and Super CCD sensors, 4x zooms and ISO 800 settings, shooting at 10 frames per second".


Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel, Milano



She is also featured in various international magazines and publications. Her career in photography has taken her around the world and her beautiful compositions bring you that world.



While modeling Marcela paid close attention to the photographers she worked with and was intrigued by their preparations behind the scenes. Once she started assisting photographers she learned a great deal about photography and how to shoot professionally from start to finish.



Duomo di Milano

"The Duomo is a very sacred and spiritual place for me"


'Porta Sancta', Vatican City, Roma

"The Holy Doors at Vatican City are only opened every 100 years"


She worked with internationally known artist and photographer Pablo Soria as one of his main models for a few years. On one occasion he had her photograph him, noticing her talent and passion for photography Soria, began mentioning and teaching Marcela. Her many influences include Herb Ritts, Laurence Gartel, Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, and Imogen Cunnigham.



Marcela has an extraordinary eye for photography. She has truly mastered the art of taking people along on her journeys, making them feel as if they really are seeing, touching, smelling and experiencing the very moments she captures.



Trulli di Alberobello


I Sassi di Matera

"Matera is the only place in the world where people can boast to


I Sassi di Matera

.be still living in the same houses of their ancestors of 9,000 years ago"



Church, Bari



Church, Vigevano


Wine Barrel, Lecco



Lago di Como


Column, Roma


Marcela Di Santo




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