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A.N.E.W. has a great responsibility to fulfill; that being the continued support of artists from all disciplines. You will note in our mission statement that the foundation was primarily chartered to make it possible for artists to work freely without being restricted by the lack of funds or supplies. As it is well understood, creativity is often hindered by the harsh realities of art-as-business, and this is where A.N.E.W. steps in to help. By setting up an organized and systematic approach to finding funds, the foundation does the leg work while artists are left to do what they do best, create good and sometimes great art.

With the federal government currently cutting back on funding for the arts, it is now left up to organizations like A.N.E.W. to fill in the gaps. This isn't to say that there is no money left in the coffers earmarked for the arts. It's just more difficult to find.

Many artists need help in order to flourish, and A.N.E.W. has set out to assist them in every way possible. With the generous support of our sponsors, we can make a difference. Please join us in supporting the arts worldwide by becoming a member of the foundation. Your tax-deductible gifts will be put to good use.

Thank you.